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Report Inquiry

In the event of a dispute with a GLA report the following steps must be taken in order for a re-evaluation to be considered. GLA highly recommends that the possessor of the report read the terms and conditions clearly stated on the back of the report.


• A report verification must be submitted. | Report Verification

• The report must be in the name of the owner of the item in question. | Title Transfer

• A report from a major gemological laboratory must be presented demonstrating significant differences from the results from the disputed report.


The purchaser of the report is recognized by GLA as the rightful owner of the item and has the right to question the results of the report. If the ownership of the item has changed, then the new owner is required to first submit a Title Transfer request, and a Report Verification request. A report verification is simply confirmation that GLA is the laboratory that produced the report and that the information has not been tampered with. At this point, the owner of the item/report will be allowed to submit written questions directed to the head gemologist via email, fax, or correspondence to communicate the results of the report. Disputes via phone will not be addressed. If the owner of said report is still dissatisfied with the appraisal, another report by a major gemological laboratory may be submitted to GLA. At this point, upon consideration of this second report, GLA may choose to reconsider its opinion as to the results of the report. Considering that gemology is a subjective science, GLA reports are not to be considered more than an opinion.

*Please note: All communication must be submitted in writing. No telephone calls will be accepted considering our Gemologists are busy in the laboratory and are not available by phone. Unfortunately, other GLA personnel are not qualified to answer questions in reference to the information on the reports. Thank you for your patience and understanding

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