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About Gemlab of America

The Gemlabamerica (GLA) would like to introduce your company to an independent gemstone and jewelry laboratory located in Glendale, CA (Los Angeles County) with corporate headquarters based in Las Vegas Ca 89103.

GLA carries a solid Jewelers Block Policy with Lloyd of London via Wexler, World Wide Insurance.

GLA is proud to state that we have Never had a claim. GLA welcomes new and current customers in the trade to inquire of our ability to secure your valuables at any time and we advise that you do the same when chosing another laboratory. Please contact us for details 844-452-4367


GLA specializes in all gemological laboratory services including jewelry appraising with expertise of Rare Gemstones and Geographic Origin of Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire, Alexandrite, Paraiba, Tsavorite, Tanzanite, Zultanite, Gemstones of Phenomena, Rare Minerals, Pearls, Jade, Opal,  Designer Jewelry and Antique Jewelry quality analysis reports.


GLA owns an extensive array of every gemstone and mineral created by earth as well as man made synthetic gemstones for comparison purposes and to aid in establishing Geographic Origin of gemstones submitted for identification. GLA utilizes state of the art technology, instruments and the most highly experienced certified gemologists of the Gemological Institute of America to provide the most accurate and professional jewelry, diamond and gemstone evaluations.


GLA has performed services supplying jewelry appraisals and loose diamond reports to Jewelry Auction House Companies including ON-LINE Internet Auction Companies. GLA certificates and appraisals have also frequently been viewed on jewelry info-mercial television programs. GLA also works in partnerships with retail jewelry stores by offering Jewelry Appraisal Promotion Events. GLA also performs most of the services offered on the on the premises of loose diamond companies, jewelry manufactures and jewelry designers while they wait so that their customers can obtain an independent and unbiased evaluation of the goods they offer.


GLA guarantees their services to be accurate, reliable, and well presented in a user-friendly format. GLA also takes pride in offering the most photogenic digital color photographs of the items examined. GLA is the leader in providing the highest quality professional and aesthetically appealing reports offered today.


GLA offers same day service and while you wait service by appointment. Most certificates and appraisals are completed and in-hand within 24-48 hours.


GLA retrieves the values utilized from Certified Rare Gemstones and bases the value of their appraisals upon the most current and accurate market values available to date the director of the laboratory possesses over 33 years of experience in the retail, wholesale, manufacturing and appraisal sections of the jewelry industry (click here to view THE QUALIFICATIONS OF THE APPRAISER). The director has attained invaluable knowledge throughout her career and has personally prepared over 8,000 appraisals as a Graduate Gemologists of the Gemological Institute of America.


GLA invites you to tour our website to view samples of our Specialty Reports & Appraisals, various Jewelry, Diamond, Rare Gemstone, Watch, Pearl, Jade, Opal & Mineral Reports and Quality Analysis Reports, you may call us at (844) 452-4367/844-GLA-GEMS.

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Color Gemstone

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