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Appraisal Services


Obtaining GLA Services

When you obtain services from GLA, you will receive an in depth analysis for each one of your pieces, evaluated by a Certified GIA Graduate Gemologist with over 33 years of Appraisal Experience.

Types of Appraisals Available:

Each Appraisal Includes:

• Official Certificate:

Watermarked on Tamperproof Paper w/ GLA Logo.

• Photograph:

2 Professional Digital Color Photograph of your item.

• Authenticity:

A Customized Holographic Seal;

A unique GLA Logo Embossing on the photograph; Exclusive Lamination Treatment.

• Protective Cover:

A 3-Fold Portfolio with a protective UV coating,

slipped into a customized vinyl pouch.


Service Instructions:

• Formal Appraisal (long format) Preliminary

• Appraisal Appraisal Summary

• ID Card

• Gemstone Origin Report

After submission of required forms you will be contacted by our representative, and we will be ready to set up an appointment and provide you with the exact address and directions to our laboratory.


Color Gemstone Grading

Specialty Items:

Hi-End Jewelry Watches (i.e Rolex, Cartier brands) - Mechanism, Serial/Reference # are verified by our watch specialist and then the watch is checked for alterations. Includes 3 professional photographs. [ $145.00-295.00 each ]

Matching Sets, Antiques, and Complicated Items - Prices may vary.

Geographic Origin is an additional $95.00

SAME DAY: Express By Appointment

This service takes approximately 2-3 hours, depending on the difficulty of the item. Drop off must be between 9:00am-12:00pm, pick up at 3:00-6:00 pm.

[ $145.00 each]

NEXT DAY/24 Hour - drop-off at 9:00-12:00pm or ship your items to our office, using any shipping method most convenient to you. GLA will perform the service within 24 hours and ship the items back to you the next day.

[ $95.00 each ]

While-U-Watch & While-U-Wait  

One on one consultation after completion. On an appointment basis. This service takes approximately 60-90 minutes, depending on the difficulty of the item. Average Price $195.00/$295.00 each 

Call 844-981-4367

M-F 9-5PM

Verbal Evaluation - the evaluation includes identification of gemstones, quality analysis and approximate value 1-2 gem types via photos [ $75.00 each ] or in-person. In-person 2 piece minimum.




The DIRECTOR of GLA IS THE MOST EDUCATED (Alumni of GIA, USC & Mission College), KNOWLEDGEABLE AND EXPERIENCED GEMOLOGIST/APPRAISER ON THE WEST COAST & IS INTERNATIONALLY RECOGNIZED. SHE PERSONALLY INSPECTS EACH PIECE USING GIA CERTIFIED LABORATORY INSTRUMENTS (including Spectrometers from Canadian Institute, Imperial Gem Instruments, OGI Systems & Sarin Technologies). She has appraised more than one million precious items without any legal disputes nor formal complaints (99.98% flawless according to the internet reviews-What is the calculation for 5 out of 1,200,000). She has worked in the jewelry trade from high school since 1986 in the retail, auction, gem wholesale and laboratory service sectors from New York to Los Angeles. Her years of experience were Not in the manufacturing or repair sector. Don't be fooled by the accounting of others. Let's face it: There is no comparison!

Gemstone Enhancement

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Color Gemstone & Diamond Grading

Gemstone Enhancement Codes

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