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GLA's professional Jewelry Appraisal includes two detailed pictures of the item, a summary paragraph including weight, measurements, shape/cut, clarity grade, count, and estimated retail replacement value.

There are three appraisal types, dependent on quantity:

Standard - a low base price

Premium - a moderate base price

Premiere - a higher base price

Premiere Plus - for very elaborate items

Instruments Utilized by GLA Gemologists:

Based on level of complication in terms of size of jewelry item (ring or pendant versus bracelet or necklace), number of gemstone types, quantity of various gemstones, cut/shape of gemstones (graduating sizes or multi-cuts) and effort to identify gemstone type etc. Below are samples of these appraisals.

All or some of the proceeding gemological instruments may have been utilized during the examination of the subject designated on the reports: A fully corrected triplet loupe, binocular microscope, master color comparison diamond set, electronic carat balancing scale, synthetic diamond detection device, optical measuring device, proportion scope-computer aided non-contact diamond proportioning measuring system, electronic digital caliper, spectroscope system, long and short wave ultraviolet light mechanism, fiber optic illumination, diffused/balanced north daylight color grader instrument, electronic gold/platinum testing unit, refractometer, polariscope and specific gravity liquids.

Security Measures Utilized by GLA for Official Diamond and Jewelry Reports:

Holographic Seal, Tamperproof Background Design, Customized GLA Logo Embossing and an Exclusive Lamination Treatment.

A GLA Certificate is a 3-Fold Portfolio furnished by an 8.50 x 11.00 inch Laminated Report which is accompanied by an Ultra Violet Protected Cover. The back side of the cover includes a detailed Diamond Quality Analysis Scale for consumer understanding and all protected by a vinyl pouch.

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