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Appraisal Verification


GLA provides report and/or appraisal verification as a courtesy to the original purchaser of the document in question. The purpose of a Report Verification is for GLA to verify that a particular report is an official document issued by this laboratory, that a particular item has been evaluated by our laboratory, and that the information within has not be altered or tampered with. This is especially necessary if the owner of an item wishes to discuss the results of the report. Report confirmation is conducted by submitting a photocopy of the report in question via faxing, emailing, or mailing. This is necessary for GLA to verify that information in GLA records corresponds with the information on the report submitted to us.


To begin your Report Verification please click on button below

*If you have purchased an item with a GLA report/appraisal, and/or your name is not on the report/appraisal, then you first need to submit a Title Transfer request, and after that, we will be able to provide you with a courtesy report/appraisal verification.

*Please note: All communication must be submitted in writing. No telephone calls will be accepted considering our Gemologists are busy in the laboratory and are not available by phone. Unfortunately, other GLA personnel are not qualified to answer questions in reference to the information on the reports. Thank you for your patience and understanding

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