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Antique/Estate Jewelry

GLA's professional Antique Appraisal includes a detailed picture of the item, a summary paragraph including weight, measurements, shape/cut, clarity grade, count, comments about the item and estimated retail replacement value. Below are samples of these appraisals.

Instruments Utilized by GLA Gemologists:

All or some of the proceeding gemological instruments may have been utilized during the examination of the subject designated on the reports: A fully corrected triplet loupe, binocular microscope, master color comparison diamond set, electronic carat balancing scale, synthetic diamond detection device, optical measuring device, proportion scope-computer aided non-contact diamond proportioning measuring system, electronic digital caliper, spectroscope system, long and short wave ultraviolet light mechanism, fiber optic illumination, diffused/balanced north daylight color grader instrument, electronic gold/platinum testing unit, refractometer, polariscope and specific gravity liquids.

Security Measures Utilized by GLA for Official Diamond and Jewelry Reports:

Holographic Seal, Tamperproof Background Design, Customized GLA Logo Embossing and an Exclusive Lamination Treatment.

A GLA Certificate is a 3-Fold Portfolio furnished by an 8.50 x 11.00 inch Laminated Report which is accompanied by an Ultra Violet Protected Cover. The back side of the cover includes a detailed Diamond Quality Analysis Scale for consumer understanding and all protected by a vinyl pouch.

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