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DIRECTOR IS THE MOST EDUCATED (Alumni of GIA, USC & Mission College), KNOWLEDGEABLE AND EXPERIENCED GEMOLOGIST/APPRAISER ON THE WEST COAST & IS INTERNATIONALLY RECOGNIZED. SHE PERSONALLY INSPECTS EACH PIECE USING GIA CERTIFIED LABORATORY INSTRUMENTS (including Spectrometers from Canadian Institute, Imperial Gem Instruments, OGI Systems & Sarin Technologies). She has appraised more than one million precious items without any legal disputes nor formal complaints (99.98% flawless according to the internet reviews-What is the calculation for 5 out of 1,200,000). She has and worked in the jewelry trade from high school since 1986 in the retail, auction, gem wholesale and laboratory service sectors from New York to Los Angeles. Her years of experience were Not in the manufacturing or repair sector. Don't be fooled by the accounting of others. Let's face it: There is no comparison!

Password Required - Call 844-452-4367

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